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Welcome to Faith United COLG, Inc. website. The photo is of our local Sanctuary in Jacksonville, FL.  It is lovingly called Greater Hill's Temple in honor and deep respect for our late great Senior Bishop and First Lady, Bishop Albert Hill, D.D., and Mother Artelia Hill.  This Sanctuary is a subsidiary of Faith United COLG, Inc., and has been designated as a City and State Historical Landmark. It was originally used by the St. Matthews Methodist Episcopal Church, which was  founded in 1871. The church was identified in the City Directory as being in Lavilla, and specifically on West Monroe between Madison  and Davis Street by 1887. The current Building was constructed in 1903 and remodled on the inside in 1945.

The Honorable Senior Bishop Albert Hill, D.D., became the Pastor of this church, formerly known as the First Born Temple, now known as Greater Hill Temple of the Faith United Church of the Living God, Inc. He remained the pastor for forty-five years. After his passing in 1999, Bishop Leonard Goode became the Senior Bishop and Pastor of Greater Hill's Temple. This church is now an affiliate of Faith United COLG, Inc., which was established February 4, 2009, under the leadership of Senior Bishop Leonard Goode.

This site has been prepared so that you can find information on our Leaders, Members, where we are going, and the sources to help you get involved. As a Christian ministry, we want to provide opportunities for you to know why we do what we do, but more specifically, to provide training and support to those who are involved in the work that the Holy Spirit has called them to. As we select people, set them apart for missions work, we want to provide outlets for them to be equipped for service. This can happen through Conferences, Bible Studies, or Leadership Events. The focus is that people will have the tools they need. We are proud to begin networking.

825 W. Monroe Street, Jacksonville, FL 32202


 Week Day Services

Tuesday Night: 7:00 p.m. Bible Study


Thursday Night: 7:00 p.m. - All Saints Night

(Praise and Power Enrichment)

 Weekend Worship Services

Sunday: 9:30 a.m. - Sunday School

              11:00 a.m. - Morning Worship



 825 W Monroe St

 Jacksonville, FL 32202

 Tele:(904) 353-5830

 Alternates if no answer: (904) 344-5350,

 705-9304, 1-678-438-8128



 Email: [email protected]

 Facebook: Goode



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